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Feb 15 2017

How visual timing can impact your child’s day!

By: Heather Harris

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How visual timing can impact your child’s day!


How often do we tell children “five more minutes and it’s clean up time” or “You can play with that toy for ten more minutes and then it’s your sister’s turn”? When it comes time to follow through it is very common to get some push back from your toddler or preschooler because they have been having so much fun in their activity and now they are supposed to trust that five or ten minutes have gone by without even knowing what that means leaving the child feeling frustrated, confused, and upset. 

There are some great tools to help in these situations and throughout your child’s daily routine.  I personally love the visual clock which works by displaying time as the color red and as time goes on the color red diminishes which is an easier concept for children to understand.  This same concept can be done in a variety of ways. 


Visual cue ideas:

  • Flickering the lights
  • Turning them on or off depending on how lit the room is
  • Plastic hour glass clock
  • Standard timer

Children love routine and knowing what to expect next so whatever visual cue you choose to use stick with it because it will help for a smoother transition and less stress for your child.


Happy Playing!

Heather Harris

Bright & Early Blogger 




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