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Nov 29 2017

Easy Active Learning Activities for Cold Days!

By: Heather Harris

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Easy Active Learning Activities for Cold Days!


Winter is here and for many of us it is cold and dark by the time we get home from work making it difficult for our little ones to run, play, and burn off energy.  With that being said it is time to get creative and start thinking by transforming an ordinary activity into a game! 


For example, if you need something put away in another room have your child hop like a bunny or walk on all fours like a lion instead of walking (the sillier the better).  If it’s time to fold the laundry put the laundry basket on the other side of the room and your child run the socks over to the basket one at a time and time it to see how fast they are able to drop them all in.  If you think about it, any chore can be turned into a game and it can be as fun and silly as you want to make it. 


Some of my personal favorites include having your child color white paper plates with solid colors (red, green, purple, etc.) and then placing them on the in different areas on the floor or wall.  Call out the color and have your child run to it so that they can expend some energy and practice their color recognition.  This works really well with shapes, animals, and numbers as well.  Another idea for paper plates if you have the room and the type of floor to do it is the paper plate skate rink.  Put on some music and have them enjoy their make-believe skating rink.  You may also use thick fuzzy socks if you are worried about your floors.  Let’s also not underestimate some classics such as “Simon Says”, “Red Light, Green Light”, and my favorite a good old-fashioned dance party!


Now that you have some of the basics you are ready for a healthy super fun winter!!



Happy Winter!!

Heather Harris

Bright & Early Blogger





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