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Sep 27 2017

Music Benefits in the Early Years!

By: Heather Harris

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Truth be told we can all benefit from some music in our day to day lives.  There is something so therapeutic about how music can affect our mood for example listening to classical or a light jazz when we want to unwind from a crazy day, some Motown or Pop music when we want to sing and dance, and some alternative or contemporary music if we want to work out or clean the house.  I think we can all agree that we relate to music and it is impactful when we listen to it.


Now how does music impact our children?  When it comes to children the benefits of music will enhance education, cognition, and social abilities.  Some interesting facts you should know about how music is impactful have come from the Association for Research in Otolaryngology Symposium about music and how there is a strong connection between rhythm skills and pre-reading abilities in toddlers, the connection between beat synchronization and speech in preschoolers and for infants who are being sung to regularly have been proven to be more content, sleep better, and have an overall better sense of well-being. 


Now that we know this information I encourage you to make music a part of your child’s day by adding it to their daily routines where you can.  If you would like your child to clean up their toys you can put on some soft music for them to clean up to, soft music for bedtime, and put on their favorite children’s song for a little dance party!  I know singing doesn’t come easy for many of us, especially me who is not musically inclined by any form of the imagination but start singing anyway!!  Infants and toddlers love it and preschoolers will let you know when they are over it but learn a few songs and my favorite since I can never remember lyrics is I like to make up my own songs.  The benefit is still the same and its great practice for if we ever have to quit our day job! 


Special Note** There is a reason we remember most of the songs that were sung to us when we were little but if you are completely opposed to singing there are plenty songs to purchase from iTunes that are interactive and good for any occasion and age group!


Happy Singing!!

Heather Harris

Bright & Early Blogger


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